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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 16, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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o'reilly for one. >> you called me mediocre. >> you're mediocre, but that's great for you. >> and have a great weekend. see you monday everybody. >> it's his story, but critics say he's not sticking to it. david petraeus on the libya terror attack, this is special report. good evening, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier, former cia chief david petraeus testified before congressional committees today in closed door sessions and some charge petraeus now changed his story about what happened in the september 11th attack on the u.s. mission in libya, his testimony now raises more questions about the obama administration's account in the days after the assault. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports from capitol hill.
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good evening. >> thank you, the former cia director is used to coming in the front door and today shunned reporters and entered the loading dock and briefed the house and senate intelligence committee. the former cia director was pushed to explain why today he said he believed it was terrorism from the start when on september 14th, according to a senior republican in the house, the directors emphasis was on the anti-islam film. >> his testimony today was that from the start he had told us that this was a terrorist attack, a terrorist involved from the start. i told him my questions i had direct questions. >> one democrat said the disagreements come down to a basic issue. >> the more significant issue was the element of planning and who was responsible and that wasn't clear. to what degree this was planned. >> a congressional source familiar with this week's classified testimony tells fox news the language in the cia talking points right after the
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attack was changed from al-qaeda-affiliated individuals to extremist organizations. and what some lawmakers say had the effect of minimizing the role of terrorists in the consulate attack. >> the initially talking points put together by the committee, al-qaeda affiliated groups were involved, however, by the time, we understand, that went through its editing process after it left langley, that reference was taken out. >> lawmakers say the cia talking points went through an interagency review process, including intelligence agencies as well state and justice departments. talking points were edited, but no win in the intelligence community including petraeus could explain who was responsible for the final version. ambassador rice who appeared on five sunday talk shows five days after the attack was from the approved classified memo and cannot be blamed for discrepancies because the intelligence was fluid.
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>> she used the unclassified talking points that were signed off on by the entire intelligence community, so criticisms of her are completely unwarranted. >> the leadership of the senate intelligence committee disagreed whether ambassador rice and the administration had politicized the cia talking points. >> she went beyond that and she even mentioned that under the the leadership of barack obama we have decimated al-qaeda. well, she knew at that point in time that al-qaeda was very likely responsible in part or in whole for the death of ambassador stevens. >> i really think ambassador rice is being treated-- >> a congressional source tells fox news that ambassador rice had access to classified and unclassified information and could have easily found out by september 14th, the fbi based on interviews, had determined there was no protest at the consulate before the attack, chris. >> katherine herridge on capitol hill. growing confrontation between
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israel and the palestinians has a new dimension tonight. egypt's new islamist government is promising to stand by the palestinians and is telling israel to end its air strikes on gaza. this as palestinians fire rockets at jerusalem and israel calls up 16,000 reservists, increasing the likelihood of a full scale ground war. correspondent david lee miller is near the israel-gaza border tonight. >> for the third day in a row, israelis ran from cover fired by palestinian militants in controlled gaza. more than 150 attacks were launched in the southern israel, that caused panic and destruction, but no fatalities. for the first time in the current conflict, air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem where two rockets apparently landed in empty fields outside of the city and the second day in a row, israel's largest city tel aviv was under attack, and a rocket in an
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unpopulated area, the rockets fired by palestinian militants now put more than 4 million israelis in their cross hairs, at this tel aviv cafe, it was business as usual after the air raid sirens stopped. >> my first reaction, i needed to run. >> and this couple took wedding pictures outside of a bomb shelter. >> and funerals for three israelis killed in a rocket attack on thursday. the death toll in gaza reached at least 24 as israel continued air strikes at hamas militants. although there was talk of a brief cease-fire by the egyptian prime minister, the violence continued with each side blaming the other for not honoring the truce. egypt, meanwhile, left no doubt who it supports in the conflict. >> i say to israel, egypt today is completely different from egypt of yesterday. we will never leave gaza on
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its own. >> reporter: israel at this hour continues to prepare for a possible ground assault into gaza. the country is prepared to mobilize as many as 75,000 reservists, one israeli official says the military campaign is going to continue until hamas begs for a cease-fire, but some analysts believe that israel has not given up hope on a diplomatic solution, something though that seems increasingly unlikely. chris? >> david lee miller reporting live from the israel-gaza border, david, thanks for that. the u.n.'s nuclear agency says iran is poised to double output of enriched uranium that could be used in a nuclear warhead. the report says that iran will be technically ready within days that ramp up production of enriched uranium at one facility, cut in half the time it takes to make enough to fuel a bomb. iran denies any interest in nuclear weapons. here at home, we're now about
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a month and a half away from the fiscal cliff, the massive tax hikes and spending cuts that threaten to push the economy back into recession. lawmakers in washington met with the president today in a first step to try to find a way back from the abyss. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us how it went. >> with that, we're going to get to work. >> the president hosting leaders from both parties and chambers of congress at the roosevelt room and appears to be sticking to his guns on taxes for higher income earningsers, own obliquely reining in entitlement spending. >> my hope is this going to be the beginning of a fruitful process where we're able to come to an agreement that will reduce our deficit, in a balanced way, that we will deal with some of these long-term impediments to growth. >> after the hour long session, republicans said nothing to signal acquiescence
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in any tax bracket and insisting higher revenues can come from the closure of tax loopholes. to show our seriousness, we put revenue on the table as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> you can't save the country until you have entitlement programs that fit the demographics of the changing america in the coming years. >> a house g.o.p. leadership aid told fox news tax and entitlement reform are too complex for this year. lawmakers will try to put some kind of interim agreement on the president's desk just after thanksgiving with mr. obama aiming to sign it by christmas. house minority leader nancy pelosi sought to project coughs, and even though she said no one broached specific figures for an overall deal. >> i think it would be good if we did something in the 4 trillion dollar category of deficit reduction which is similar to the grand bargain that was discussed last year. >> nonpartisan budget hawks
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eyeing the opening round of talks with cautious optimism. >> i'm worried people say if i don't get my way i'll go off the cliff and you hear that on both sides, frankly, but i've also seen incredible interest and openness to putting in place a deal, both from president obama and leader boehner, and a number of members of congress. >> an aide to senator majority leader harry reid told fox news, the democrats are open to various tax loopholes only if the republicans agree first to raise taxes on those making $250,000 or higher. sound familiar, chris. >> does a bit. thanks from the white house. president obama won reelection on a promise to raise taxes on high earners as a plan to raise our massive debt. republicans say they agree with the goal, but want to do it a different way than the president. jim angle tonight on their alternative. >> president obama wants to take money from wealthy
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taxpayers, republicans say they're willing to raise revenues, but not tax rates. and that leaves ample middle ground that could satisfy both, putting a cap on the amount of deductions any one person could claim, such as $50,000. >> that means the maximum number of deductions you can take is $50,000, you can take it for anything you want, but you can't take more than 50,000. >> the tax policy in washington found that would raise 750 billion dollars in revenue over ten years, accomplishing mr. obama's goal of getting more money from the wealthy. >> nearly all of it would come from high income people. remember that about 70% of people don't itemize at all. >> so, mitt romney once proposed the same idea during the campaign and the recent news conference and mr. obama talked as if the only way he knew to tackle deductions was trimming them one by one. >> raise revenue through dynamic scoring or closing loopholes that have not been identified. >> a cap on deductions though has the benefit of avoiding
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arguments over specific deductions by just limiting the total. so, it should not affect the small businesses, it appears on its face to be a fairway to go. >> and the democratic senator kent conrad says there's renewed interest in a cap. and the 750 billion dollars in revenue from the cap would approach the take from the rate increase on the wealthy and congress and the president's budget office put that at 825 to 850 billion and the president adds in other things. >> it's very difficult to see how you make up that trillion dollars if we're serious about deficit reduction just by closing loopholes and deductions and the math tends not to work. >> if the deduction cap were lowered to 25,000, close to 1.4 trillion, but also people making less than 250,000. but that leaves a huge area of potential agreement on a cap somewhere between 25 and 50. which could satisfy the demands of both sides. chris? >> jim, thank you.
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stocks finished in the black today. the dow gained 46, the s & p with 6 1/2 ahead and nasdaq was up 16. we will go boldly where no grapevine has ever gone before a bit later. up next, are these the final days for a classic american snack? her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> a bitter dose of 21st century economic reality is bringing big changes to a 20th century american treat. and correspondent doug mcelway, what appears to be the final day of the hostess twinkie. >> twinkie the kid to the rescue. >> reporter: neither twinkie the kid, nor last ditch negotiations could save hostess. announced on the website, hostess brands is closed and they're suspending operations in both plants and employees
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are up work. and they lined up for the last chance to buy the snack. and the bakers union refused concessions in an injury saturated with overcapacity. >> the leadership threatened to fine them, if they crossed the lines and bakers cross their own lines and we've had a number cross their own lines. >> even as the baker closed plants, bakers union were defiant members were not willing to take draconian wages on top of the cuts in 2004. and the pensions and the wall street venture capitalists in control of the company could make millions of dollars. >> and the acquisitions of bakeries around the country, saddled it with union obligations and bargaining agreements, 40 different pension plans and 5500 delivery routes, a system so inefficient that bread truck drivers were sometime prohibited from carrying
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twinkies and the twinkies drivers prevented from carrying bread. >> unions just crush companies that are in very competitive injuries like the food industry. >> another company may buy out hostess and continue producing goods, but one entrepreneur is not banking on that, he's auctioning off a ten back of the last twinkies on ebay for $100, chris? >> doug, thank you, makes you want to go buy all the twinkies in the grocery store. and furniture giant ikea is using furniture made by prisoners, ikea managers, the report says, were aware of situation and measures to address it were insufficient. back in this taxpayers get ready it bail out another big player in the
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mortgage business. this time it's the federal housing administration. fox business network senior correspondent peter barns is here with the costly news, good morning. >> good morning, chris, we might hit the trifecta with the housing bailouts. fannie mae and freddie mac, have repaid just a quarter of it. and now the fha could need help from the treasury. the agency insures more than a trillion dollars in risky mortgages mainly from first time home owners and an audit found the agency has just 16.3 billion capital reserve shortfall because of mortgages going bad. >> one out of every six loans are delinquent. every 17% delinquency right on loans and those are the facts and that congress has got to do something to address this, they can't let this go on. there will be a bailout. the longer this goes on the
3:19 pm
longer the likelihood of a bailout. >> they're down playing that possibility and expects to add 11 billion dollars in capital from new business in the year ahead and also, announced a slight increase in fees today and some other new steps to improve its finances and it says it hopes all of this will put its capital position back in the black, within the fiscal year. that, the agency says, should reduce the likelihood that it will need to tap its credit line with the treasury. officials say they won't make any announcement about that until the president releases his 2014 budget in february. and pinto estimates a whoever haul of the fha could cost as much as 25 billion dollars. >> chris: lots of good news, peter. thank you. and still ahead, what some people are doing to make the bad situation in the northeast even worse. first, achieving, the future of immigration reform.
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>> immigration reform is on the post election radar of both political parties. and now, one republican senator has come up with its own version as an alternative to the president's plan. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel takes a look. >> with the election over, some republican lawmakers are floating a conservative alternative to president obama's dream act. supporters say the achieve act would legalize the status of undocumented children who grew up here by giving them visas and earning degrees and serving in the military they could eventually become citizens. unlike the dream act the g.o.p. plan does not allow the young people to jump ahead of legal immigrants waiting their turn. >> it's a perfectly legal way to go and a conservative argument to help specific targeted individuals in in case. >> congressional sources say retiring senators kay bailey hutchinson and john kyle were
3:24 pm
working on the plan with marco rubio over the summer, but put on hold after mr. obama's executive action. now, with the election over, some republicans are weighing if the time is right to attempt to pass this by the end. year. >> rubio says conservatives must better explain that they are for illegal immigration system that works. >> it's really hard to get people to listen to you on economic growth, on tax rates, on health care if they think you want to deport your grandmother. it's come mmon sense how you portray. >> with latinos voting in 2008 they're clearly becoming a more political force. >> i think what was encredibly encouraging was to say a significant increase in latino turnout. >> mitt romney received only 27% of the latino vote, the worst g.o.p. showing since 1996 prompting for some, a sense of urgency about outreach. >> it's only a matter of time where you can't win an election without the hispanic
3:25 pm
vote. i see good signs that conservatives are paying attention, that they need to speak to the hispanic community. >> congressional sources know that the congressional action was only a temporary solution. a permanent fix is needed and while the undocumented young people don't have a claim. >> thank you. a florida judge rejected allen west's request for a recount. the judge says he does not have the north for a recount and west had a problem with voting in one area and patrick murphy about 1900 votes ahead of west. a bipartisan group of senators is urging president obama to issue a permit for the northern part of the keystone pipeline. theysy it would reduce dependent and middle eastern
3:26 pm
oil and create jobs. last year he put it on hold because of environmental concerns. the explosion of an oil rig off the louisiana coast sent four people to the hospital and left two others missing. it happened on a production platform owned by a houston-based company called black elk energy. the rig was in shallow water 25 miles southeast of grand isle louisiana and the platform that caused 2010's gulf oil spill was exploratory and it was in deep water. >> and your tax dollars have been used to study whether jesus died for clingons, seriously, and nancy pelosi shows off her knowledge of the u.s. constitution. the grapevine is next. 4g lte is the fastest.
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>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. house minority leader nancy pelosi was asked thursday from two separate deals would be required to handle the bush tax cuts and raise the debt ceiling. >> the 11th amendment, the 11th amendment. 14th, is it? whatever it is, i'm with the constitution of the united states. >> chris: it would seem pelosi meant to cite the 14th amendment which could potentially allow the president to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally. as part of the fiscal cliff, there would be massive budget cuts of domestic and defense programs and you know, maybe there's room for some cuts.
3:31 pm
we told you thursday, senator tom coburn released an oversight report. he believes is frivolous pentagon spending, department of everything. he found a pentagon grant for a smart phone app when it's time for a coffee break. and a price tag $100,000 included a session, did jesus die for clingons, too? and 1 1/2 million dollar to develop a new kind of beef jerky and coburn says, quote, using defense dogs to create beef jerky or "star trek" does nothing for our nation. we told you that montana state representative jerry o'neal wants to be paid in cold and silver coins according to a strict interpretation of the constitution. well, that request has now officially been denied. a state legislative attorney said, o'neal could introduce a bill alawing him to be paid in
3:32 pm
gold and silver, but the republican lawmaker does not intend to go that route. over the past couple of weeks, many in the northeast experienced the worst nature has to offer, as well as the best mankind has a give. there are many wonderful stories about the recovery efforts from superstorm sandy and last week's nor'easter, but it wasn't one of them. and folks that are making a bad situation worse and the effort by police to stop them. >> every afternoon as the sun sets, the n.y.p.d. takes flight, especially equipped 1 19 koala helicopters, and shines on the darkened streets of staten island, brooklyn and the rockaways, including long beach and breezy point. >> we are the lie in the sky and there to light it up and we're there to sneak around at night when we don't have the light on to make sure that the neighborhoods remain safe. >> they can see in the dark
3:33 pm
with fleer infrared systems, heat seeking equipment that detects warm bodies and hot engines, to minimize crime and prevent looting. the n.y.p.d. reports burgl burglaries are up. and they're an effective crime fighting tool. if they're on the ground or approaching by sea where they shouldn't be, the police are much more likely to see it from above. >> if they see something suspicious, they can call to harbor units. >> and from the aviation unit we will see them and we will get them. >> and in addition to the air patrols, the n.y.p.d. deployed 500 of the light towers and neighborhood in the dark, and extra officers are working extended hours trying to maintain order until the power can be restored. chris? >> rick leventhal reporting
3:34 pm
from new york's long island, rick, thanks for that. >> now, a terrible story. four veterans were killed and 16 other people injured when a train slammed into a parade float carrying veterans and their spouses to a banquet honoring their service, it happened yesterday in west texas. some of the people on the flat-bed truck jumped off the float which was blocked by another float in front of them. a doctor who is an iraq veteran says the scene reminded him of being back in the war. former cia director david petraeus is now telling a different story about the libya terror attack. we'll break it down with a fox panel when we come right back. [ male announcer ] introducing...
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>> chris: republican congressman peter king after david petraeus testified behind closed doors today. time to bring in our panel, bret barnes of the weekly standard and kirsten powers from the daily beast, tucker carlson from the daily caller and tonight from miami, again syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. i'm trying to figure out what it's about. i think you're testing the waters for 2016. >> no, what i'm doing is spreading truth and justice to every warm weather city with a beach. >> chris: i hope you're getting paid for it. >> enough to pay my taxes, yes, correct. >> chris: and guess what, they're going up, one way or the other, so you're going to need the money. but that, can do that if you actually work on weekdays, rather than just on sunday. (laughter) >> this is what passes for wit here on fox. all right. let's go back to the real
3:39 pm
story, bret. david petraeus testified today and according -- he obviously was-- according to peter king and others he says he always thought it was a terrorist attack, never thought it was a mob reaction to a video and that he offered cia talking points in today's briefing to proof that's what he thought, but top republicans including king say that's not the way they remember it from when he testified on september 14th? how do you explain it. >> i explain it it, he went along with the story that the administration wanted to put out on september 14th, they didn't want to blame it on al-qaeda, al-qaeda after all had been destroyed by president obama's anti-terrorist efforts. they didn't want that there. they wanted the milder excuse, it was a protest against the anti-muslim video and as you pointed out, it wasn't just king saying that, i mean, everybody who heard the briefing back then, who has ever talked to reporters, said the same thing, that petraeus
3:40 pm
at that time, what is it september 14th, was saying it was all about this video. now, he says, he didn't say that, but i don't know, you have to believe king. >> chris: well, i suppose you could believe petraeus, too, and you know, the question i have is: if he -- if he changed his story, why did he -- i find it hard to believe david petraeus, we consider him an american hero, obviously, a sullied one now, would have misled, intentionally misled congress? >> well, i mean, i think that's the big question. because you have pete king saying this, but then you have, you know, petraeus apparently saying, repeatedly during the hearing, that he doesn't think that he changed his story. and so, you know, i don't know how you reconcile that. you know, i think that one of the most frustrating things about this issue is how we get these drip, drip, little pieces of information, but we don't really have a clear way
3:41 pm
because it's a closed hearing and we don't know exactly what was said and we're getting it sort of secondhand and we're not hearing the same thing from the democratic side. so, i think, it remains where we were before. we just don't have the answers to the questions that we need. >> and then, there are the talking points because petraeus says the cia talking points, when he appeared before congress, the cia talking points on september 14th were very clear, that it was the result of terrorism, but apparently, the talking points of susan rice saw in the next 48 hours before she appeared on the sunday talk shows said it was mob violence and video. what do you make of that, tucker? >> this was the big revelation of the day as far as i can tell. it's not clear that susan rice didn't see the original talking points, but the administration conceded today all, but conceded, said, flat-out, we know that al-qaeda was involved, and the term al-qaeda was listed in the origin tell againintelligen
3:42 pm
and taken out. and the administration says al-qaeda or affiliates classified information, so they had to be scrubbed from what was given to congress. and even if you accept that's a legitimate operating procedure, you have to acknowledge that they've intentionally misled, susan rice-- >> who is they? >> susan rice, but clearly the cia knew this. it's inconceivable that the american ambassador to the united nations was sent out on television with totally incomplete information, with talking points that had been basically scrubbed and having no knowledge of what was originally in them. >> is it clear that susan rice saw that? that's one thing i think the republicans are going off on this, going after susan rice and knew the information she was giving out was wrong. how do we know that she saw the original point-- >> wait, wait, i never thought i would say this, but charles isn't getting a chance to talk
3:43 pm
enough. i think we need to let him talk. charles, you weigh in. >> well, let's not talk about susan rice. let's take the president's own demand that we not pick on the little lady and we pick on him. all right. let's accept the challenge. that, and he said, after all, she was just my spokesman even though she knew nothing about this. all right, what he's asking us to say the president of the united states using a spokesman who knew nothing about the issue went on five television shows and gave one version of a story where the classified version clearly said this was a terror attack, and yet, the version that was heard on every network was, this was a riot that had gone out of control, this was nothing else and there was no evidence of anything else. that's pretty unequivocal. that means we have to lay at the feet of the president, willing to accept that challenge. clearly if petraeus is saying today, as he did, that there was al-qaeda, and a terrorist
3:44 pm
involvement in his report, at the cia level, and somehow it got altered, distorted or made deceptive by the time it reached the white house, and the white house received the classified information, knows it was a terror attack and puts out a story it wasn't, that's very strong evidence of deliberate deception at the highest level and yes, let's put it at the level of the president. >> chris: let me just raise one caution, or at least one question with you, charles, and that is, we know the talking point changed from the cia when it went langley, cia headquarters, to when susan rice appears on the talking-- on the sunday talk shows. the question is, was it changed by the white house or was it changed by the intelligence community including the director of national intelligence? we don't know that. >> that, we don't know that. that's a question that remains, but that does not change the issue of deception. if the defense of the democrats, and we heard kent conrad say this, the democrat on that committee, well,
3:45 pm
you've got to understand there was a version, classified version, unclassified and they were giving the unclassified version, but if you read the classified and clearly the white house had to have been informed of the classified at some level by somebody, then clearly they are deceiving the nation, saying they know not to be true. >> chris: we're going to have to take a break here. i suspect we'll be talking about this again. next up, the latest on the growing conflict between israel and the palestinians. ♪
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>> israel has made it clear that it will not tolerate rocket and missile attacks on its civilians. i hope that hamas and the
3:49 pm
other terror organizations in gaza got the message. if not, israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> chris: prime minister netanyahu leaving no doubt israel will not tolerate continued shelling from gaza and we're back with a panel. i think you have to say it's a mess. the shelling, the missiles from gaza have continued. israel is now called up thousands of reservists, raising the real possibility of an invasion and a ground war between israel and the palestinians in gaza, and just now we've learned that the president and israeli prime minister netanyahu had had a telephone conversation this evening relayed from the white house, saying the two leaders discussed options for deescalating the situation. charles, what do you think the chances of situation will escalate or deescalate? >> it's not in the hands of obama, it's not in the hands of the united states.
3:50 pm
the deescalation would have to come from hamas, who obviously are the ones who started this. with 150 rockets shot in the few days, shortly after election day. that's what caused this. israel has no interest in attacking gaza, but had to retaliate because its population has been attacked. why is hezbollah involved in this, it's asserting itself as the strategic equal to israel, no longer the weaker sister and showed it's got rockets from iran, which surprised the israelis by reaching jerusalem which hasn't been hit by a rocket since 1970. it knows it has egypt a strong ally behind it. in the past egypt was neutral tore quietly pro israel. the muslim brotherhood is making known. and turkey, a former israeli ally is pro gaza. the situation in the region
3:51 pm
has changed radically. what hamas wants to show, it's the leader of the palestinians and fatah is going to the u.n. like a supplicant and trying to get a seat in the u.n. and hamas is saying we're the defenders of jihad the homeland and we can stand up against the israelis and we can make them and the united states ask for a deescalation. that's a huge strategic achievement for what was once a small insurgency called hamas. >> chris: fred, what do you think of the chances, and we could be talking this weekend, that the israelis go over the border and we've got a full scale ground war. >> the first thing is the israelis do not want to do that. they know what the situation is, they know what happened the last time they sent troops into gaza, the world with the exception of united states jumps on them as if it's all their fault although it's clear as charles said that hamas started this. there is an issue that does
3:52 pm
involve the united states directly. egypt, which gets what, a trillion or 2 trillion dollars a year from the u.s. >> chris: not trillion, billion. >> okay, what i meant, sorry. >> chris: we're not that generous. >> and saying trillion these days. in any case, a huge amount of money and supporting a country, rather, supporting hamas and ts attack on israel and the spokesman for hamas now says that today, no israeli is safe anywhere in israel, in palestine and that country is someone-- egypt is one that's supporting hamas in this and who is sending them all of this aid money? it seems to me we should stop immediately. >> chris: i want to pick up on that because one of the most interesting aspects of this, obviously, the most interesting and important is what happens on the ground between israel and the palestinians, this is the first confrontation in the new post-arab spring middle east world and you have now not
3:53 pm
mubarak who the u.s. convinced hands off, but you've got morsi, the president of the muslim brotherhood sent his prime minister there and what role is egypt going to play and are they perhaps going to reconsider their peace treaty with israel. >> first of all in terms of president obama he's been standing with israel and i think that fred is right, he has a lot of work to do with the egyptian president and work behind the scenes to try to bring them around so that won't happen and there has been grand standing on the part of egypt and aligning themselves with hamas, so i think the president has a lot of work to do behind the scenes with, you know, with egypt and turkey and trying to bring people around and trying to get them on the same page. >> tucker? >> i think the most obvious lesson of all, the america's theory on democracy in the developing world is not just wrong, but completely wrong. gaza and egypt are a lot more democratic partly clause of actions the united states took
3:54 pm
and as a direct result of increasing democracy in both places they're both more anti-american and israel, and the second point i would make, we do have some leverage thanks to years of billion dollar checks, not just to egypt, but turkey and countries in the region that are making noises in support of gaza and our role, american role ought to be to remind those countries they have an awful lot to lose if they step up their support for the attacks on israel. >> when you say there are limits to the idea of democracy and clearly, democracy, you could end up with your enemies, taking over. but what choice do we have when you've got hundreds of thousands of people in tahrir square. let's turn it around. did any person think it would a good idea, the saudi kingdom or jordan the vote. no. it's been a part of our foreign policy-- >> and deserve a vote look what happened.
3:55 pm
>> no, no, democracy spreading thing exactly can lead to this kind of stuff, but the point is, we had no control over what happened in egypt. that was going to happen whether or not we were involved or not. >> but we-- >> but, i mean, if we could have backed mubarak in a way that didn't alienate the entire world then we probably would have, but i'm totally with you. i do think that the people need to think through the democracy spreading agenda. >> chris: that's it for the panel, we'll stay on top of this all weekend and on special -- on fox news sunday, i forget which show i'm anchoring these days, this is what happens when, as charles says, you work on weekdays. stay tuned to show joe biden on a sit com last night for real. ♪ ♪ we're lucky,
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it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> finally tonight, there has long been a connection between washington and hollywood with both towns fascinated by the other. last night vice president biden made a cameo appearance on the sitcom, "parks and recreation" and the performance was, well, check it out.
3:59 pm
>> on behalf of the president and myself -- >> mr. vice president, i am deeply flattered, but there is no way i could take over madam secretary clinton's position. >> i'm confident you could do that job or any other. >> okay, i will. >> well, the reason you're here is, i'm told you've done such a great job in your town and in the state of indiana and i want to say congratulations for your public service. >> i just want to say thank you. >> you're welcome. you're very welcome. >> you're very handsome. >> you're very nice. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> you will? >> i think he makes a very convincing joe biden, don't you? please join me this weekend for fox news sunday. we'll discuss the benghazi investigation with senators joe lieberman and saxby chambliss and talk about where the gop goes from here with governors bobby jindal


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